Villagers Save Dog From Being Killed By Giant Anaconda

Villagers Save Dog From Being Killed By Giant Anaconda

At the beginning of the video, the dog with the deadly snake wrapped around it can be seen by the riverbank.

According to Andrew Barao who uploaded the video said, the dog went missing from a farm and after a search, it was spotted about to become an afternoon snack for an anaconda. Then the villagers rapidly moved into action to save the dog which would almost certainly have been killed.

In the video, a man from the village grabs the snake by the tail pulling it out of the water. They drag it on the grass and one man also tries to pull the dog out before another decides to hit it repeatedly with a stick.
One of the men then tries to pull the dog free from the snake before he eventually grabs a stick and begins hitting it.

The anaconda finally releases the dog after a several whacks as it starts running around barking at the predator. After a few hard whacks, the dog manages to scamper free and begins running around, barking at the snake.

Watch the heart-warming video below.

Source:  india


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